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TapeDesign Phantom Tyrian GK Gloves



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Introducing the Tapedesign Phantom Tyrian goalkeeper glove, the final masterpiece in the illustrious Phantom Series. Crafted to embody elegance, performance, and innovation, the Phantom Tyrian stands as a testament to the artistry of goalkeeping.

Distinctive in its design, the Phantom Tyrian showcases a regal purple backhand adorned with sleek white lines, reminiscent of cracks cutting through the fabric of space and time. This captivating aesthetic not only commands attention but also symbolizes the unwavering determination and resilience of the modern goalkeeper.

Beneath its stylish exterior lies the essence of performance: a slick white palm fortified with 4mm of premium German latex. Engineered to provide superior grip and control, this latex ensures that every catch is met with precision and confidence, empowering goalkeepers to dominate their area with authority.

However, the Phantom Tyrian goes beyond mere performance—it prioritizes protection as well. With its specialized wrist zone, this glove offers enhanced support and impact resistance, safeguarding goalkeepers against the rigors of the game. Paired with an elastic single strap, the Phantom Tyrian delivers a secure and customized fit, enabling goalkeepers to focus on their game without distraction.

Unleash your inner champion and elevate your performance with the Tapedesign Phantom Tyrian goalkeeper glove—a fusion of style, functionality, and sophistication that redefines excellence on the pitch.

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